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5 minutes ago, FranciRoosters said:

So, how glitchy is this game? I've read a lot about glitches preventing trophies from popping. Are they all fixed? Thanks!

I didn't run into very many at all sometimes trophies wouldn't pop exactly when they should but they did eventually pop I think the worst glitch I hit was after going for the kill all but 1 underboss 1 glitched Abit and didn't update her underboss as in charge so I lost access to the store on wheels but not a huge deal i just hurried to the end game with what I had

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  • 9 months later...

Just 100%ed the game today. Played it for almost 4 weeks. Can't say I've experienced many bugs/glitches but they were there from time to time (I had the latest patch). I think this game is not good, to be honest. There are awesome things in this game, for example, music, characters (Lincoln Clay is cool as hell), story (kind of), dialogues. But the gameplay isn't good. Won't come back to this game, that's for sure.

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