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New Game + (Should I wait?)


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I've recently 100% this game and was planning on playing New Game + on Deadly Obsession to pop the final trophies and get that Platinum. However, given the recent trend on games (Spider-Man, Far Cry 5 etc) does anyone else suspect that they will add in a New Game + trophy during the DLC updates?


OR, is that unlikely as New Game + has been an existing mode since launch. Interested to know everyone's thoughts or should I just put this game to bed forever this weekend and get the Platinum?


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No, not unless some new content is added or difficulty


New trophies are only added to new content, NG+ isnt new in SOTTR


I mean u can never say never bcuz they may add a new difficulty into the mix but Devs never add trophies to existing content


Not what I know off anyway, existing trophy requirements can change tho with new content (yes, looking at u Terraria)

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i have completed the story on normal and working my way on getting 100%.


on new game plus i was thinking of playing on hard first to max out all skills and weapons ahead of deadly obsession.


is it possible to play new game plus again after that on deadly obsession with everything maxed out from previous playthroughs?

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