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Where can you check you honor level?


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1 minute ago, jjmello23 said:

hit down on d-pad. it shows a bar of your honor. haven't found where it shows a particular level tho


Yeah i know about that but i can't see anywhere what my current level is. I got enough honor to get a 10% discount in certain shops. So maybe you get 40% at level 4 or something like that.

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Go to "Player" and select Arthur, then general (first option). There it says either level or "-10% in stores" which you can lookup on PP honor guide. 


I think the level is also there somewhere, I remember seeing mine as level 5 earlier today


Edit: also check total progression

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Honor starts at level 0 and depending on your actions can drop to -8 (min) or go to +8 which is the max. So 4 is half way towards the max honor.

According to the official guide, -10% in stores is level 2 and -25% is level 5. So if you see -25 you're good.

Level 3 gives some news outfits in stores and level 4 gives nothing.

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