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How do I transfer my save?

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52 minutes ago, seiyuuki said:

It should happen automatically. Try freeing up space on your main PS4 and give it another go.

Does my save have to be from after the latest patch? 


I can't really free up space I don't have good internet as it is it took me since release till afew mins before I posted to download it

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32 minutes ago, seiyuuki said:

I'm not sure about which patch is necessary, hopefully someone else can answer. My suspicion was that it didn't recognize your data because it was a different console. What happens when you load up the DLC from FFXV? I got a notif saying to switch to the standalone.

I've used saves from my original console be when I gotta put an old game on it to do new dlc

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I had a similar experience. I reinstalled the base game and all DLC (just in case) then deleted my standalone save (created in error). Then I downloaded all cloud saves, including old comrades. When I booted up my fresh standalone version, the transfer happened immediately. 


Unsure if I needed to reinstall everything but I did. 

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Bit of a Necro Bump, 

but I have Decided to Finally play Comrades Stand alone - 
 I Was wondering how this transfer works, I downloaded my old comrades save Pre- stand alone from the cloud. but it seemed to have gotten overwritten when Comrades stand alone loaded "Avatar Creation"

 I am working on a New system - Currently Re-installing  Base 15  w all patches upto 1.29  and ill try deleteing/redownloading Standalone, lol Just wana work with my Old toon 

** been in a Monster hunter / farming  God Eater mind set as of late**

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