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Ryane as killer


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6 hours ago, dalailama1989 said:

Just keep on playing.

Took me many tries as well.


No shapeshifting needed, just blast trough the game, mashing x. Takes 10 Minutes each time.


Quite annoying this randomization...

Fortunately i've unlocked this trophy a few hours later thanks man!

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I must have been extremely lucky: Ryan was the killer on my very first playthrough ?

Then again, with the most annoying trophy out of the way... I struggled getting many of the remaining trophies. And somehow I didn't unlock the ability to skip videos either, so *fun*! Eventually I had to resort to a full playthrough with IBadDriverI's guide (thanks!). Platinumed.

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i finally got done with this awful game and this terrible rng trophy.


my tip for the big sleep:


while you should be able to skip text on the 2nd playthrough you should not skip entire dialogues.


once youre in control

- visit the chief and exhaudt dialogue

- talk to all characters in the guest and exhaust

- then shift into lexie and visit rayne


apparently the other dialogues are necessary fot the "how are you" option to appear sometime.


when he gives you the line about dorotha marrying oscar youre good to go.


i just did my 2nd stack ... got rayne as the killer 1st time on my 1st but now spent more than an hour just mashing x and finally having luck on what felt like the 50th attempt.

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I found this method to be a surefire option to get Rayan as the killer.


Skip all scenes to your first chief meeting. Exhaust all dialogue.


Meet violet again. Exhaust all dialogue.

Go and visit Lexie. Just leave.

Go to your room. Shift into Lexie.


Go to B's room. Pick the alibi choice. DONT SKIP. If B says she's worried about Ray. Then the Killer is Rayan. Carry on skipping.


If she doesn't say that, quit and start new game and try again until she says that.


At the end, make sure to pick anyone else as the Killer, not Rayan when the chief ask you who to arrest. The creepy photographer is the easy choice or Violet.

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