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anyone else getting so much hate?

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3 minutes ago, Griffon234 said:


You only need to carry one set of Gathering/Crafting gear, with the exception of main/offhands. Class specific gear is pretty unnecessary, and at max level, it’s detrimental to carry unique to class gear for different crafters and gatherers because you cannot pentameld it.


Scrips can be tedious, but you can get by pretty easily by doing the weekly turnins for scrips. They are fast to do, and good for leveling, as you can get decent gear to get by as well, as well as materia/crafting mats for higher level crafts.


Well, there’s still timegated nodes in the game. Distances shouldn’t be an issue with Aetherytes and Flying Mounts. There are now (3rd party) sites that can notify you when and where nodes are up.


Crafting is still probably the most efficient way to make money in the game (except I guess marketboard flipping... but very little people can make money super fast that way). Speaking anecdotally, I did not have much Gil at all until I started crafting. Now I can afford anything I want. I mainly crafted end game gear, end game raid food, and end game potions, as well as furniture. 


New gear should not be obsolete in two weeks unless you are getting gear at the absolute tail end of a patch. There’s optimised sets of gear that can last you for the current, and the next patch now. But after that you will need to upgrade.


With all that being said, crafting has gotten significantly easier with the changes I elaborated with in my previous post as well. :)


It's great if things have gotten better in newer updates - I hear they even added inventory expansions. Too bad it's too late for me as the system they had in Heavensward drove me out of the game and I haven't looked back.
Money was never an issue, the issue was how tedious it became to craft and gather - it wasn't fun anymore and it felt futile to try to keep up with the updates with my limited amount of play time. My free time is better spent elsewhere, doing things I enjoy.

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Sorry to hear that you experienced that, I had the same thing happen to me in the sand instance. This may sound like a jerk thing to say but switch to a DPS role for your first playthrough, maybe try Dragoon or something. Then replay them with your tank class. I haven't played in 5 months or longer. Tanking is a little harder than DPS. See how others tanks do things and copy them. Don't forget all you have to do is talk to the guild master of a guild to get the class, then equip there weapon and you are that class. 


If you want any advice or help message me on the PSN.  I'm in the US so I'm not sure if your schedule would fit mine. If you can play when I do I don't mind helping you(I don't heal).

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It’s all probably about how you played if it’s happening repeatedly. Tanks control the pace of the dungeon so if you’re too slow which for lots of people if you’re not basically speedrunning pulling good sized groups you’re wasting their time and they start being douches. Is it your fault? Of course not.  All mmos are like that pretty much though. 

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This my first MMO and IMHO playing MMOs is like playing golf.  How you play and respond to adversity is a reflection of one's life...  And for a lot of people, this is not a compliment.


Being nasty and excessive complaining are the two top things I see.  I really do not get it.


As for needing to grind excessively, I play the game behind the times meaning I am never cutting edge but can instead enjoy the game and minimize grinding.

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