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what exactly is hard 2 survival 2


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im downloading the latest update which is going to take a while, the last time i played this game i completed the survivor mode. ng and all this other stuff wasnt out yet


whats the difference between hard 2 and survivor 2? whats the difference between hard mode and hard 2, survivor and survivor 2?


since i already beat the game on survivor, would the fastest way to mop up the 3 dlc trophies be to play ng+ on hard 2 mode. can i even do that if my last save was from survivor mode can i jump down to hard 2?


this is really confusing the hell out of me. i guess i will know better when the update is done downloading. but in the meantime im trying to plan ahead if i even want to do this all over again lol

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1 hour ago, emailking said:

That sounds great! Do we know if you beet Survival 2 if you get the previous trophy for Survival as well?


Quoting this as well would like to know the following:


- Can I start New game+ Survival 2 with my first completed platinum file.


if so


- Will I get all trophies from DLC pack 1 + 3:

including: Newgame+ trophy, Survival trophy and the Surival 2 trophy.


Because I can't be bothered to finish this game 2 more times

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