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Here are some tips I wish I'd known before starting the platinum on this game:

1) This is a 120hr+ platinum, you gotta be in it for the long haul.
2) Dragoon and Dark Knight jobs with a Beastmaster buddy are the best combos for going through the story. Beastmaster as a buddy is DLC which I highly recommend buying as soon as you get the game.
3) ABUSE 2 PLAYER MODE! Man I wish I'd known this before starting. It makes bosses sooo much easier. In 2 player mode you can use a second controller to control your buddy and they can move freely which means they utilize 100% of their turns, can get into position to be kicked buffs, can get out of the way of a charging enemy, etc.
4) Print this list for collecting items and cross them out as you get them.
5) Best way to google questions about the game is to say "Chocobo Glazguz tips" or "Chocobo Interdimentional Rift" etc. Don't type Every Buddy because that buries results.
6) As soon as you complete the Dark Dungeon you get access to Pain and Gain. Abuse that dungeon and farm there to get powerful before starting on the optional dungeons.
7) As soon as you complete the Dark Dungeon you get access to the Insatiable Hunger dungeon. Beat the 50 floor version asap then farm the first few floors of the infinite version until you get a 7 slot Irma's Talons and 7 slot Volg's saddle. They are super easy to farm there and even though they are the second best gear in the game, the ease of getting 7 slots in them outweighs the extra 4 attack/defense afforded by Alpha Talons / Omega Saddle.
8) Google how to beat each optional dungeon before you even try. Other's have failed over and over and eventually discovered the perfect job/buddy combo or and strategy. Read and use theirs before wasting time trying to invent your own.
9) Camilla is the best buddy in the game for almost everything after you get her. Her level x 4 damage move is OP and should be abused.
10) In my opinion the best gear slots are:
Talons - RustProof/AllBrand/TriAttack/Crit/Poison/Slow/Stun
Saddle - RustProof/AllBrand/Evasion/LightWeight/NoStun/Sneak/ReduceDarkDmg
11) The only two end game collars worth keeping are Map and Ribbon.


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