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Gearing up to platinum this game.

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1 hour ago, BrandonUltimate said:

Should I buy the PS4 or the PS3 version of this game?




PS4 version is included in The Handsome Collection (free earlier this year with PS+ IGC) and PS3 copies cost under $5. You can transfer progress from one version to the other, saving loads of time if you plan to do both versions.

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If you played previous Borderlands games you will get keys that will help you obtain high level gear relative to your level, or you can a look out for codes, usually on the Gearbox twitter.
Also look out for the two side quests, they are tied to miss-able trophies. One is tied to giving an item to a certain person, and another is playing with 3 other people during one quest; if you have 3 other controllers you can just use that.

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Going for the platinum, i would probably say for me the biggest thing to keep in mind was the challenges.  You platinumed Borderlands 2 so i'm sure you're familiar lol.  Most of them will come naturally and there isn't anything quite as miserable as the 'Jimmy Jenkins" challenge that you had to complete in borderlands 2.  However you once again have to get the 750 point blank shotgun kills and the couple hundred splash damage rocket launcher kills.  Like i said, most of them come naturally though so just have fun. 


However a few minor things off the top of my head:

1. Hold on to purple gear until you have purple equipment for each slot.  I just stored my purple equipment in my safe in Concordia until i had enough for the trophy (That Tasted Purple)

2. Save up moonstones for the moonstone chests (Lunar Looter)

3. Hold on to 3 pieces of legendary or orange equipment of the same type for the grinder (Expensive Taste)

4. Be sure to have 4 players (or 4 controllers) in your game when you complete the side mission 'sub-level 13' (Who You Gonna Call)

5. When doing the side mission 'Guardian Hunter', be sure to KILL the master poacher (Guardian Guardian)

6. When you begin to work on the challenge for 'luneshine grinds', use this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMl1xzfKjh0 to make it less frustrating.


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