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EU Version = Glitched Trophies


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10 minutes ago, IBadDriverI said:

Be aware almost every trophy can glitch in the EU version....the AS version works without any problems


Some trophies pop after restarting the game a few times some not.

The game isn't bad so if you wanna play it i recommend buying the AS version


Damn. I just bought the EU version.

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from my experience playing today EU is still a broken ass POS. im only halfway through the game and so far 5 trophies have not unlocked when they were meant to.

shame cuz i really really enjoy this kind of game, but trophies issues in any game just really flippin nark me.

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yup just live streamed the entire game and 3/4 of trophies didnt pop.. restarted and finished it and only got the final boss and less than 200 deaths and 25% poped at end xD wtf


now i have to repeat the entire game lol



i have repeated the entire game over 3 times and i cant earn the remaining trophies at all..

even made a backup save before the trophy and reloaded and no use...

no idea how ppl plated this version

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I’m on to my fifth play through so far just to unlock the Spacebork Klingon trophy... absolute pain in the ass that you get that far for it to not register.

Any tips at all discovered? Or is it bit of luck to get it to pop on a play through?

I tried playing it again on the VITA this time... and my god it is horribly broken! There is a certain part in Chapter IV where it is literally impossible to get past.

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