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My story.


Hellhound is really Batwoman, She was born from a secret program to create the perfect woman version of batman. She was so happy that she could not contain this excitement. But to her dismay, she found out that Ben Affleck is now Batman. She then vowed to kill him. One night when she was sleeping, the windows open suddenly and there was a dark robed person at her window perch. "Who are you?" she screamed before reaching for the Batarang. At that moment the dark robed person said this "I'm the Batman". 

Edited by Ben Affleck
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As Revan drew his blade, he looked over at his best friend lying on the ground, barely clinging to life, Tidus as he whispered "You can beat him." With a burning desire to kill, Revan charges the Omega weapon, the 12th strongest boss on Final Fantasy X, and begins to slash wildly at the omega weapon with no avail; his defenses are too strong. Revan begins to lose hope, when all of a sudden, a light comes down and shines on Tidus's blade: Brotherhood. Revan grabs brotherhood and pierces the Omega weapon's chest. From then on, Revan was called "omegarevan" for killing one of FFX's strongest enemies.

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