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Best of the best trophy partially glitched after TU 10

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Best of the best trophy could not unlock after TU10& This is happened with me and with several users of official Division 2 forums, but there is no response yet.

Its affects both uplay challenge and PSN trophy.

And for those who may think that I've done all wrong here is my sharpshooter upgrade tree


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I have the same issues.  Someone on Reddit said they ran some missions with it setup like you had it (with every node highlighted), and then set it up with some nodes having nothing in them and it just popped randomly about an hour later.  I'm gonna try that as I finish off running the missions on hard mode.  Will update if it works.

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I had the same problem the trophy didn't appear.

when you have the problem, you have to put the points, validate and if the trophy doesn't pop, you have to close the game and restart it, it should appear within 5 minutes after a reconnection to the server.

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