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[Video] Shiny Objects afk method

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I actually found the fastest place to farm Shiny's was Mrs. Puff's Race in Sand Mountain.  Outside of her race there is 2 thunder tikis around a bunch of tikis and one pile you can smash - so that's like 300 to 500 shinies right there.  Then when you race, just race carelessly with the intent of smashing as many groups of thunder tikis (more than just 2) to get shinies.  The race can't be that long as they literally had in game time trials associated with it in order to beat Mrs. Puff's time.  So it can't be more than 90 seconds to get to the whole bottom and honestly this skips the loading time of excessive deaths to reset a scene.  The thing to note is if you get to the bottom without dying on the race and then use the carboard box to teleport back up, it won't reset the tikis near the start area, they will be reset on the track though.  Thats why I say to play carelessly with the larger groups of thunder tikis, I hit any group just not the pairs of only 2 thunder tikis by themselves; after nearly half way through the race I usually croak out, and then restart at top or if I made a check point I can finish the rest of the race.  Additionally if you get knocked down or off the track yet had killed some tikis in the process or thunder tiki explosion, you WILL get those shinies prior to the game reloading you into a new life.


This is the race without the spikes so its certainly less annoying, and if you're at end game, you can just breeze downhill for a little bit, overall it just feels faster.  I got the 9 K I need in 10 minutes or less for platinum.  I'm not going to calculate if it's better than the other methods listed, yet it went damn fast and was actually fun.

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Wish I had known about these methods before playing it. I wasted a lot of time breaking tikis throughout the game, when I could've just farmed up enough objects early on. Pretty annoying that the same currency you need to buy Krabs' spatulas is also required to unlock forward progress in some levels.

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