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Nivalis Tourist Trophy? Need help!


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5 minutes ago, Trophy_Princess said:

Hello guys! 
I saw that some guys earned the Trophy“. 
How can I find every location? I miss a location or a few. Idk ._. 

Are there any guides online? :D 

Kind regards, 

Michelle :)

Steam guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2075863996

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FYI on this trophy, i went crazy visiting all of the location on the guide twice, however i wasn't finished with the game and was stil pending to do the last mission, i entered the last mission and the trophy popped as the last location is up on a building that you can't go until you enter the last mission.

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Hi, and happy new year to anyone who will read me now.


Maybe we can use this thread to list all the trickiest/easily missable locations ?


For me, after having finished the game with every other trophies, all collectibles picked, i was missing :


- Lucille's garage (mechanic) in Gallow's Row (too bad for me, it's the very last one i did when checking all the locations with guide ? / don't know why i never went to this mechanic before)

- the Nook bar in Oldtown district (it's a small location near an elevator)

- Ash lane in Midtown district (i think it's a tunnel i never went through)

- Metropol buildind in Midtown district (never went close enough)

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19 hours ago, Jermster_91 said:

Maxine Avenue in Avalon Heights was my last one. 


This was one of my last locations too.


The remaining ones I had after that were Kobiyashi HQ in Cambria Heights, Ash Lane Railroad Tracks in Midtown, and Sunstone Terrace in Mochi.


I really wish there was an in-game tracker.

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