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can i play it on hard on first play thru?


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And you should do it. The challenges are the most annoying, i got stuck at the 4th one and no

amount of youtube i watch makes me pass that sh$#%#$% :shakefist:


Believe me - after you start the challenge 6, you'll be shocked how easy 4th was..

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Exploit for Challenge 6 Round 3:

Make sure you hide in the alcove on the right side of the map before the round begins. If done correctly, the Romanovs (I believe that's what they are called) will just stand still like idiots waiting for an invitation to blitz you. Use this opportunity for a much deserved break from your heavy acrobatic regime up to this point and vanquish (pun intended) as many of those big ogre b@stards as you can via decap-attack.


As for the later rounds, pray that you still have cigs and heavy artillery, especially for the final round, which requires a lot of luck as well.

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I'll play Devil's Advocate.  Most games that come out of Japan I play on Easy or Normal first, then do another playthrough on Hard.  The reason for this is that usually there's a perk (like the Golden Gun on Yakuza 3 for NG+) or simply the learning curve compared to Western games is steeper and/or the overall difficulty is harder, so starting on a lower difficulty you get used to the game and clean up all the time-consuming trophies without much fear of dying (which is also a trophy for this game).  Your hard run will be much faster and much easier this way.  But like I said, that's just my point of view.  Most Western games 'hard' or 'insanity' difficulty don't even compare to Japanese games on Normal, and I like avoiding the frustration.

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