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PS5 Remote Play App


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So this has appeared on the PS4. I gather it works like the current remote play app on the Vita, where you can use your PS4 to remotely connect with your PS5, and play PS5 games on your PS4.


Now, why one would need to do this is a bit beyond me. I guess if you have the consoles connected to 2 TVs and the wife is binge watching the Bachelor and won't let you get on your PS5....


But this got me thinking - since we won't likely get remote play for PSVita connecting to PS5, could we remote connect to our PS4 on the Vita, then use the PS5 remote play app on the PS4 to get PS5 games on the Vita? ?

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25 minutes ago, PostGameBlues said:

I'm more curious about whether PS5 games in the end can be played with Dual Shock 4 through PS5 remote play on PS4 lol.

Presumably they would have to work with the DS4, since the new controllers aren't compatible with PS4 consoles. I assume it would be like the Vita - a few PS4 games just don't really work as the Vita doesn't have the necessary inputs (or they don't really function well)

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Just now, DaivRules said:


I'd be willing to wager that we will see a Remote Play update for Vita that connects to PS5




I hope you are right, but given that Sony wants to bury the Vita and burn all reference to it's existence, I'm not going to hold my breath.

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