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How are the non-girl bonding trophies obtained?

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The trophy for the two are just like the guys one, you don't need to do the romance scene. 


Max their bonding stars and take them for one of the rides in the eventilde, you'll see their scenes after.



For the romance, after their scene plays out, you'll invite them or get an invitation, and later you'll have to choose one of them.


Pretty sure you can take them for up to 3 rides if needed. Make sure to give 'em their gifts if needed

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With the guys you have to max every single male character's bonding stars and then opt to not spend time with any of the girls.  You'll get a scene where Rean hangs with the guys and the trophy.  Celine and Spoiler's works more like the CS3 bonding trophies.  Get 5 stars for both of them and take them on a ride and the trophy pops afterwards.  You'll be able to get another bonding trophy with this one.


I'd recommend to do both on a second playthrough with max bonding points though because needing multiple characters at five stars makes these very hard to get on your first run.  Unlike the Elise and Alfin one in CS3 where five stars for one was sufficient, with these if you don't get five stars for all characters involved you don't get the trophy.  You're going to need two playthroughs for all bonding trophies anyhow since you can't get all the girls in your first playthrough.

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Ah okay thanks @ladynadiad - I couldn't understand why I didn't get the trophy as I did have the guys maxed, but I had missed out the fact that that you also have to NOT spend time with the girls. And I didn't realise I had to take Celine and Spoiler both for a ride despite the fact the fact that Spoiler was maxed.


Thanks all! 

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If you're on the first playthrough still, you can always save scum the boys trophies (as well as Celine and Spoiler) before working on the girls. You can get 9 tickets on that night for 7 guys, which should work out if you went for all character notes ? at my first playthrough, all the boys were maxed, so I just used 7 tickets to view each of their scenes, trophy popped, I reloaded save


You don't even have to end the night to get that trophy either, same for Celine and Spoiler ?

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I'm just past the point (and no longer have a direct save) where I could reasonably go back and save-scum the bonding trophies for a 1st playthrough.  I managed to stumble into Celine/Spoiler, but that's probably the only one I'll earn during NG at this point.  (I've done one of the required events; currently hunting for missable events such as Vantage Masters/Pom Party before doing the other.)  So what's the best way to go about things on NG+ to get everything?  Should the process go something like:

  • Select the NG+ option that gives me more bonding points and do every single bonding event.
  • Make a save when first given control on that final night.
  • Spend time with the guys (and only the guys) to get that trophy, requiring me to spend a ticket on each of the guys in question and then ignoring the rest of my tickets but knocking out the required events?
  • Re-load the save, use tickets on one girl at a time, ignore the rest of the tickets, and knocking out each trophy in turn?

Or is there a simpler, more streamlined process to make this work?  Going into enough detail so that I know what I'm doing when I get back to the final evening on NG+.


My thanks in advance.

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Hello! I finally made up my mind to play this game xD
I have a question about bonds trophies. If I focus only on the girls in the first game by giving them priority in the bond events, are you sure I can unlock ALL the bond trophies of the girls in the first game? If so, then it would be easy to focus only on the boys in the second.

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