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Untouchable trophy


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  • 7 months later...

For anyone who still needs this, max out the mech and go for it on Gug, the boss of Arkham, on the first cycle. Once you get super stars it's ridiculously easy. Also use the perk that gives abilities +50% damage (I think it looks like a top hat). The stars already do crazy damage so this makes it even more deadly. 


Once the boss level starts take out all of the enemies which will hopefully fill the arena with power ups. Wait until just before Gug spawns then snag them up. Fire bullets, extra barrels, boost fire rate are best. Wait until Gug is on you to grab a star. You'll do massive damage just by touching the boss plus your weapon damage. Shouldn't take but a few seconds to kill it. If for whatever reason it doesn't die before you mech runs out run over and grab another star to finish it off. Once it's dead hit triangle before you accidentally take damage and you're set.


EDIT: Speeling and words. 

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I've tried to do a bit of save scumming to get Untouchable and Lucky Number and back up my save right before the boss, but the two times I did, reloading the game glitched the save whereas I couldn't select any levels. Is that a common problem?

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Not sure if there's been any changes since launch, but I was able to do this against the Thing in the Wall boss. Utilizing the mech is a great strategy, and can really help knock down enemies quickly.



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I ended up getting it and would offer/aggregate the following tips:


-Second boss is definitely the easiest.

-Using Tesla works best. Lovecraft’s “mech” sucks, and Mary Shelley’s armour makes it hard to track if you’ve been hit (and it seems to register as damage when you are). Never tried with Marie Curie.

-As @thistleboy said, teleport to a map edge as soon as the level begins, then clean up the map without taking bonuses. When most mobs are gone, you can try stacking the bonuses and unleashing on the boss. A few multi-barrels, fire bullets, stars, and preferably a second mech run will get you there.

-No need to save scum: if you get hit, do a save and quit, and then continue. It will take you back to the map and you can try again. The continue function is definitely buggy though. It took me to an early path I hadn’t taken, but it allowed me to get more perks (at the cost of a few clock turns…).

Good luck!

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