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4 hours ago, AyyRobo said:

Sorry for your loss brother. May he rest in peace 2764.png and hello from 2023

thanks everyone. gets hard to look back on this stuff. since then i moved to a completely different area and started a new life. i still find games where for a split second im like this can be a good co op for us, or i wish he was here to help for some split screen. he would ask me anytime "you know any games we can play". it didnt even matter if he liked the game or not all i would have to say is you wanna play this and hed say yes. i guess he just wanted to occupy his time as much as possible to escape what he was going through. use to buy things brand new for himself like mics and headphones and after he had them for a week lose interest and just give them to me. we played alot of resistence until the servers closed and never got to finish it. i remember he was trying to help me get a trophy in red dead online that i couldnt get, he got the trophy on accident instead of me and then i didnt end up getting the trophy until years later lol.

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