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Should I quit Trophy hunting when I can't even platin a 99 % game?


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To be honest, it’s all up to you. You shouldn’t let others decide what you should do while gaming. If you want to trophy hunt, by all means, do it! Everyone gives up something that others perceive as easy. I, for example, gave up on Titanfall 2, despite earning “...Becomes the Master,” and many others saying that the exploit makes Master difficulty a joke. Let your trophy hunting career be decided by what you want to do, rather than what others think!

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2 minutes ago, ladynadiad said:

Did you even try the suggestions other people took the time to give you?  Because you sure came here to complain real fast and didn't even bother to respond to them if those ideas worked or not.

I have to delete my profile because the Error NP-32091-5 is causing the problem 

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You should never quit trophy hunting. It has nothing to do with how good you are at it. It is all about having fun and enjoying it. Yes, at times there can be some frustrating moments. But those moment's just make achieving the trophy that much more gratifying. Stick with it. Don't worry about not finishing games that are consider "easy". I have tons of games on my list that are consider "easy" that I have not finished. 

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No way man!


You should wear that incomplete game like a badge of honour!

Think about it - if the completion percentage is 99%, then playing and not completing it is an Ultra-rare <1% trophy in and of itself! ?



Seriously though - you may well find that having a game that is impossible to complete might just be the best thing that could have possibly happened to your profile.

I certainly did (Zen Pinball, you beautiful, terrible bastard, I'm looking at you! ?)


Now, a 100% profile impossible.

That immediately negates any of those poisonous thoughts that can creep in  


"Oh, I like the look of that game, but it seems too hard to get the full 100%, so..."


Those thoughts can creep in to any trophy hunter at some point or other, and they are the death of fun.




Now, you are free!

Untethered and unencumbered!

Your shackles are broken, and you are free from the tyranny of the 100% profile!



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Man, I have a 0.13% trophy, ultra rare plats, and some Ratalaika games easily defeat me. Can’t even come half way to finishing inksplosion, while apparently 80+% can. As someone said, it’s a badge of honour and just part of the complexity and unorthodox nature of trophy hunting. You win big, and lose big. Take it as it comes. 

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I really appreciate your really nice replys, but this should be a funny post. I did not get the Platin, because I'm getting a PSN error sometimes, where I do not unlock random trophies like this one. 


Glad to see a nice community here tho. :)

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