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Minimum Shippable Trophy DLC


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Anyone got any tips for this one? I barely completed 18 tasks before the Captain exploded.  In order to earn this trophy, the captain's icon has to stay blue during the whole duration apparently? Even with memorising the (poorly designed IMO) level, this is still tough due to the tasks being completely random, so you can't learn an actual path.   


The frame rate drops to well below 20 on a base PS4 during this one too making the platforming really annoying at times, especially when under pressure. Is it a case of practice practice practice? any advice would be hugely grateful. Tough bronze trophy this one for sure! 

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First 2 are always fixed so its only 16 tasks.


You wanna try to get tasks done asap, if you're lucky you can get up to 5 done before they start spawning slightly out of hand. From here you gotta focus on going to places with multiple tasks, each icon represents which room each task is in so you can tell which area has current largest number of tasks.


The timer to start / turn in each task is very lenient so you can ignore tasks for a large amount of time, likewise can you ignore turning them in till it makes sense to turn them in (IE if theres tasks to pick up same spot where you turn in current ones.)


Lastly, if you're ahead or/and have good spawns, you can wait turning in a task if you're next to turn in till you get more spawns.

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