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Which order should I go for these plats in?


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Batman: Arkham City - Need 8 trophies for plat, including NG+ and 4 challenge trophies. Got stuck on the last single stealth challenge


Bioshock: Infinite  - Just need to beat it in 1999 mode for the 2 trophies


Dishonored - need a bunch of trophies. Need to do a complete stealth run still


GTA 5 - just need to get to lvl 100. only at about 50. gonna be a grind. ugh


Madden 11 - Couple easy ones I haven't gotten around too, and then Madden Moments


Tomb Raider - Doing SP now, have like 5 or 6 online ones. Again, gonna be a grind.


Uncharted 1 and 2 - Just need to beat on Crushing


Which order should I do these bad boys in? Any suggestions.

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You're almost done with Arkham City so I say do that as one of the early ones you finish. The only thing you might have a difficult time with is New Game Plus mode because of one of the bosses. It shouldn't be that hard though.

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1999 mode on Bioshock Infinite really isnt that hard, the worst bit is the beginning section where you have hardly any weapons or vigours, after that you'll have no problems.

DIshonored should be pretty cruisy, just remember to save constantly and dont worry if it takes a couple of attempts to get a section done.

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