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Efootball (Pro Evolution Soccer)


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So Konami decided to rename the PES brand and become only with Efootball and the game will also be F2P.






It will be something like "Fortnite of Football" it has a kind of "Season Pass" too.




Konami also say that they will be making payed DLC's that will bring offline modes.


A minute of silence for the kill of Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer series. ✝️

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Sad state of affairs, once the king of Football games to this. As much as Fifa has several flaws, it's been miles better than PES for well over a decade. Not that I'd expect any less from Konami ?


So sad to see a company which once had 4 big hitters in PES/ISS Pro Evolution, Castlevania, Silent Hill and MGS just destroy those IPs.


Hopefully as Konami are lazy it'll probably have another copy and paste trophy list like most years. If so as it's free it could be a fairly nice platinum for trophy hunters. 

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