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Pre-order Bonus (Icons)


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Anyone else disappointed with the pre-order bonuses?


I don't know why, but I figured that the exclusive icons meant that we would get some free PSN avatars as a bonus, since these icon images look awesome and the newer PSN avatars are circular. However, upon booting the game to my dismay, I noticed that these icons are only in-game icons. If that was the case, then what's the point of "standing out from the crowd" like advertised?


The game plays great nonetheless.

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9 hours ago, Jelly Soup said:

Wait, they aren't PSN avatars? I'm not going to say that's false advertising, but whoever came up with that pre-order image knew what they were doing.

I consider it false advertising. I really hope that I'm not the only one who thought those icons were avatars. Sega really missed an opportunity to make those avatars.

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I completely agree this was shit advertising. Since the announcement of SCU, especially the pre-order/deluxe edition contents coming with it I could never really tell if Sega was referring to these profile icons as in-game profile pictures (profile customisation options and such) or PSN avatars but the way they worded it failed to specify either. I also highly doubt this was a translation/localisation error or just lousy wording that was overlooked by Sega’s marketing for this release.

But really, what’s the point of adding/changing PFP’s within the game that isn’t even an online multiplayer and/or co-op focused game? I’m not made aware of there being any online scoreboards either so only you (the player) can benefit from these, no one else can spot them without streaming your gameplay for others to watch or have friends come over to your house to see you play, all while having selected those bonus PFP’s. Just use our PSN account avatars to be used/synched in-game, no need for any other profile customisation in a game without significant online features for God sakes! Bloody hell…

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  • 3 weeks later...

Before release I was trying to figure out if "player icons" was synonymous with avatars or if they were going to be avatars also.


I found out fairly quickly that they weren't avatars, months ahead of release—it wasn't "false" or "shit" advertisement". Despite that one advertised line mentioned in the OP, there is more overlooked advertisement alongside that (videos and interviews) which clarified it not being avatars.

There were even some giveaways without any comments or text from Sega from the beginning, such as the icons being round, something (last generation) PS4 games like this don't use.


Something else worth mentioning is that the game was originally planned to have online multiplayer, with the in-game player icon system being linked to that whole system. So going back to that one specific advertised line, it was more than likely referring to that but wasn't updated. Even Microsoft's page still mentions online multiplayer, despite its non-existence.

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