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Feelings about the campaign

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I honestly thought this was one of the better CoD campaigns I have played in recent years and I wanted to get other people's opinions about it. I know the advanced movement was a big turn off for many people looking to play the game but I didn't really mind it and I thought overall it didn't take away from the story or the gameplay. Thoughts?

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I would agree. I bought it just to get access to Modern Warfare Remastered but I did enjoy Infinite Warfare more than I thought I would at first. It was one of the better CoD campaigns of the mid-2010's for me. Everything between Blops 2 and Infinite Warfare kinda blends into one for me. I played through Ghosts twice and I still can't remember anything that happened in it. I'd probably have forgotten Advanced Warfare if Kevin Spacey wasn't in it.

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I don't get the fanbase. They're always ranting about the setting and can't decide wether they like WW2, presence or future more. It's the same about making innovations or keeping the gameplay like it was. No matter what the developers do, the fans always want the other thing. Fuck the fanbase.
I love science fiction and I had no problem with CoD going this direction through BO, AW and IW. Infinte Warfare had one of the best campaigns I've seen so far - at least from a CoD game, would never compare that to games like TLOU. It had some flaws (like the mentioned anticlimatic villain death) but the overall realization of realistic near-future space travel and warfare hit the nail. It reminded me a lot of Killzone, Red Faction, Total Recall and Dune in many good ways. The design was awesome, the sounds and visuals were stunning. The scene where you jump into your Jackal and break through the atmosphere into the orbit for the first time - that's the stuff I want.

Trivia: The cinematics are made by the same 3D animation studio that created the short movie "Beyond The Aquila Rift" for the Netflix anthology series "Love, Death & Robots".

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Best Cod from last gen for me. Campaign is great and Zombies is really fun. MP wasn't too bad either, just a shame about the glitched trophy. Also wanted the season pass but hasn't been on sale for a long time. WWII is a close 2nd, War Mode is the first time I've enjoyed MP since Ops1. Zombies is brilliant, but i couldn't play the Campaign on my Pro due to the annoying stuttering, most people probably didn't even notice it but I can't not notice stuff like that. For anyone that noticed it was it there the entire Campaign? Standard PS4 didn't have the issue. WWII is the last good Cod.


I remember when it came to Plus and the player count sky rocketed and stayed high for a long time. Just put it on now and over 200k have played MP and Zombies past week on PS4. I remember the Devs on Reddit asking what modes the community wanted to be left on. They also put special assignments on in Zombies and MP that change each week along with a permanent 2XP. I still prefer Infinite Warfare but WWII is a Cod like no other. 

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