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Online trophies are easy ?


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I can't speak on the population of games online multiplayer, but yes it is plausible to do every trophy/online trophy with a random.


Of the 4 mandatory online trophies the one for reviving 10 allies may take the most amount of time. Sharing food and weapons are simple tasks and saving requires everyone to sleep at a campfire together so those will come within the first hours of a session naturally. 

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I had a friend join my game and it took a while to get the 4 online trophies. The four trophies, sleeping with a partner, trading a weapon, trading a medicine item, and recovering someone 10 times can take some time without boosting it. I had quite a few people join my game mid-session but they all did their own thing, so randoms may make it harder.


Adding someone in the game makes the 3 enemy trophies easier though. Dismembering 50 body parts, Eating 12 arms & 12 legs, and killing an enemy on the ground with a rock.

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Online trophies are quite simple. I played this with my brother and put in a ton of hours building and surviving past like 200 days. Not sure how many people are playing now but I've seen the game on sale the past few months so there may be some activity. Like the previous post stated, I wouldn't bet on randoms to help you much. Best just to find a person to get the online trophies. 

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24 minutes ago, Aeoniangel said:

Are the online trophies currently bugged for the non host? Because I joined my niece's game and slept the night together and traded items, the trophies popped for her but not for me 1f914.png


Not sure as I do not remember well but it is not impossible. You should try to host and see if it pops.

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Just recently finished this game. I didn’t have any issues in co-op until we tried going for Big Spender. Out of the 3 of us, only one popped the trophy. I recommend heading to the location in single player creative mode and completing the trophy solo.


The other one I had issues with was Splatter. My co-op partner and I were playing on normal multiplayer on his host and it didn’t want to pop. So I hosted my own normal multiplayer session (though it should work on single player too) and it popped immediately.


The game isn’t really difficult but it is much easier and faster to complete in co-op with someone who knows what to do for each trophy. Also I suggest going for trophies like Crafty and Trophy Hunter in one session. Even Medic didn’t want to pop for me until I revived someone 10 times in the same session.

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