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Looking for tips for my personal gaming


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1 hour ago, Dalvany-county said:

i am a starter in gaming how can i be very good at gaming i have disc games but i think they are hard to finish i have games that take from 50+ until 120+ hours so have anyone tips for me 


What do you mean by "be very good at gaming?" Sounds like you should figure out what you want to get out of gaming. Once you do that, you know where you want to end up and can create a more specific plan to get there.



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When I hear very good at gaming, I'm assuming you mean in terms of skills.

I'd say if you're new to video games start with testing a few popular but easy games in different genres and see what you enjoy. Example: Yooka-Laylee for platforming, Tiny Troopers for strategy, Horizon Zero Dawn for adventure etc.


Once you know what you like, keep at those genres. They usually all use the same or very similar controls and that'll help you with repetition and eventually skill building. 

As an aside don't compare yourself to others. Most of us have been around awhile. You'll eventually build up those skills. ?

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Well, your trophy profile is private so I can't really see what kind of games you play.

Just like Davi mentioned you need to specify what you mean by "good at gaming".

In general? Well I'd say start off with games you enjoy, learn the mechanics and become better by practicing. Only then can you become good at the game.

For trophy hunting? I'd still say start with games that you are interested in. You can take a look at numerous guides both here and on other PlayStation sites to see approx how time-consuming they are, their difficulty and etc. Then it's only a matter of focusing your time and attention to completing that game. It will make for a nice foundation for your trophy profile.  Over time you can have an awesome profile built off of the hard work you did. ^_^

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We can't really advise you without having some idea of the type of games that you want to play, or even which console(s) you are playing on.


Assuming that you own a PS4 at least, then start with some fairly simple games.  Any Quantic Dream game, just to get a feel for controlling characters and completing QTE events.  A LEGO game, for simple exploration and puzzle solving.  Anything by thatgamecompany, for a stress-free and genuinely enjoyable experience.


Then, when you have a bit of experience under your belt, consider stepping up a notch.  Try an action adventure game, like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, inFAMOUS, Tomb Raider or Saints Row.  Perhaps a FPS title like BioShock or Far Cry.  These offer more challenge than the likes of Journey or Heavy Rain, but are not especially difficult.


Then you can try progressing to the tougher genres.  Fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat can be very difficult.  Rockstar games are not overly difficult, but they do have a HUGE checklist of in-game tasks to complete, and usually have a substantial multiplayer grind as well.



Just find something that you enjoy playing, and do your best to complete it.  If you can beat an Uncharted game, then you'll beat an Assassin's Creed game.  If you can beat Bulletstorm, then you'll beat Far Cry 4.  And if you really can't finish something, then there's no shame in admitting defeat and moving on to something else.

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20 hours ago, Dalvany-county said:

i am a starter in gaming how can i be very good at gaming i have disc games but i think they are hard to finish i have games that take from 50+ until 120+ hours so have anyone tips for me 


Maybe find some shorter games, I know of plenty who are into games but can't stand it if a single game is gonna take them more than 30 hours to complete. Usually to play a game for so long, means you have to enjoy that game, if you can't sit that many hours playing a single game, then it means you probably aren't enjoying it, or perhaps need to take little breaks from it every so often, play something else for a bit, gradually working on the longer games when you feel like it.

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Honestly, the very best advice I can give, is... just keep trying different genres, and different games, until you find the "One".


The one that hooks you so hard, you don't care how much you play it, you just want to play more. That's your gateway drug - and it will set you up on a lifelong path.


Talk to almost any long-time player of games on this site, and they will probably have hundreds or even thousands of games under their belt, and be able to spend hours and hours making lists of their top favourites and whatnot...

...but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts, that every one of them also has one game - one single, specific, special game - that was the first one the truly loved - and that set them up as a game-player for life!


For me, it was Super Mario World.


For many my age it was Chronotrigger, or The Legend of Zelda, or a Final Fantasy game, for example.

For some folks a little younger I've heard everything from Mario 64, to Pokemon, to Crash Bandicoot - I've heard people cite a Street Fighter game, or Legacy of Kain, or The Sims, or Theme Park or Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Starcraft was a lot of folks first love, or maybe World of Warcraft or some other MMO.

I'd be willing to bet there are a whole slew of future titans of gaming for whom it will be Minecraft, or Fortnight, or PUBG.

...hell, for some people it might be Ride to Hell Retribution, for all I know ?


The point is - lots of folks love a challenge, or love to play a lot of different games, or want to play every new thing... but it's usually based on a fundamental foundation of having become a "gamer" through one single game that just brought so much joy, that it sets up a lifetime of chasing that same feeling.


Don't worry about being good at games, for now - just worry about loving them. 

Loving them will make you good at them... or at least, make you not care that you aren't.

(The latter is true in my case ?)

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It depends on what types of games you like, but easy games tend to be the lifestyle games like story of seasons and rune factory, or drama adventure games which are super short and easy, so good ones to start out with and get platinums on e.g. Detroit become human, the Life is Strange games (there's 4 of them), Beyond two souls, until dawn, heavy rain, Telltale games, Ace Attorney and Sherlock holmes games. 


Other games that even kids can play and I used to enjoy as a kid were the Ratchet and clank games, crash bandicoot (although the PS4 versions are really hard tbh, very skill dependent), Spyro is very easy though. Sonic games are also pretty fun to play, same with the Kingdom hearts games.


Turn based games are good if you struggle with action, like Persona 5 Royal, FF8, 9 and 10, Atelier games and dragon quest. 


Ghost of tsushima, okami hd, tales of arise, nier automata and nier replicant and neo the world ends with you are some other good games.  

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