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New "Child of Light" Trailer + Release Date


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Not usually the type of game i go for, but there are a couple of things about this game that resonate really well with me. The first being the the art-style, which bears a resemblance to Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White With (one of my favorite games of 2013), as well as the unlikely protagonists in both games. The little swinging her huge sword is adorable. Also, this is from the guys who brought us Far Cry 3 (one of my favorite games of 2012), nice of Ubisoft to allow them to make a departure from any future Far Cry projects to create this. The game looks pretty good, so i have no issue in supporting it.

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Well it looks good, one of the things I like about old school RPGs is having an awesome team of characters (one of the big reasons I am not excited about ff13-3 at all).


I saw there was some kind of monster in the battle sequence but hopefully they add in more characters to recruit and not just monsters you find

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