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New 'The Order 1886' Gameplay Trailer + Info


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OH MY GOD!!! This is virtually photo-realistic! I remember when people were saying that the graphical leap between PS3 and PS4 wouldn't be that huge. But, you compare this to The Last Of Us and the difference is similar to that of the Sky and the ground. It's staggering.


Just imagine how good Uncharted 4 will look? Or, The Last Guardian (if it is released on PS4 instead of PS3)???   D:


My mind has officially be blown. Time for me to gather it all back again. :P

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I'm just worried that this will be a hot dumb chick. Nice to look at but lacks everything else. The game's presentation, seamless aspects and visual fidelity are unrivaled but in terms of gameplay, it needs that one element that sets it apart from its brethren, just like what bullet time is to Max Payne.

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Not compelled enough by the kinda bland setting and gameplay to spend full price on it. But my ps4 needs something new for me to play on it, so this will most likely be a gamefly rental.

Neo victorian England with a touch of supernatural and science fiction is bland? the hell?


Great another big budget TPS Tech Demo.

Nah, if that was what they wanted it would have been easy to just use something more bland like an Indiana Jones like/Uncharted like game or a military shooter. They are putting real effort into it, but what's questionable is the core behind all this solid enough?

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looks really awesome, at least the visuals have kinda improved compared to the first trailer they shown... um ..is it?


anyway, since they never hint a release date then there's still time to fully optimise the game and maybe make it run in 60FPS or something.


i really need to see how the ps4 Uncharted game will gonna looks like, if the ps3 have manage to pull a performance and visuals quality like the one seen on games like U3 and especially the last of us / GOW A and beyond: two souls ( and that's a 7 years old hardware ) then imagine how the graphics will gonna looks like on ps4 after a year or two from now.


man i gotta get me a ps4 one day, yeah its another cover based TPS but this and Infamous second son is the most games i am so excited to play on ps4.

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