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Help! Getting bored


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Hey guys, i've been playing DA: Inquisition for the past month and accumulated 42h, i've done all story misson except for the last one and right now i'm in level 18, but, despite liking the gameplay mechanics and to be the Inquisitor i'm starting to get bored with the game, there are many things to do and i don't have the same energy and motivation to continue as i was in the beggining of the game.

So, any recomendations? is it worth continuing? i'm a completionist so i'm thinking twice before i drop this game.

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31 minutes ago, Laxus-0 said:

Just stop playing and come back to it once you are motivated again. It is just that easy lol.



If the game is boring the pants off you, just shelve it for a few months then come back to it again when you're motivated to finish it :).

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For a 'completionist' with as many unearned trophies as you have, postponing the game should be no problem.


While you're close to finishing the main campaign, I guess it depends on how much DLC content you have left. If you haven't started on any at all, perhaps come back later as each and everyone will add several more hours.

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If you don't want to come back later, @RaidenXS 's idea is a good one. Changing the character you play as is a good way to shake things up. Also, if this your Nightmare run I would recommend just finishing the game and coming back later because you can drop the difficulty to a lower level after beating the final boss. 


I am surprised that you are bored in the late game though. Many people get bored with the Hinterlands by doing everything there possible instead of coming back later but that end game, I couldn't put it down personally.

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