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WARNING! The NA Premium Edition is actually an EU version.

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I knew it was a SCAM!  Just finished the EU version so I started playing the NA stack... and I was not getting any trophies. 


Then I just found out that the Cuties Premium Edition NA version, including its All Photos Premium Pack is actually the EU version.  How can Sony screw this up?  An EU game in the NA store?  That does not make sense.  So now I ended up purchasing the EU version twice...  I am proper pissed!


The FREE version in the US PSN is the one that has the NA trophy list.  It wants me to purchase another set of Photos DLC separately when I already bought one in the same store. The worse part is they are no longer in a SALE and are now at full price.


So yeah beware that the NA version for the Cuties Premium Edition is actually an EU version.



Fellow stackers should also know that ALL DLCs for the FREE NA version cannot be shared with other accounts on the same console.  So if we have an alternate US PSN account that feeds off to our main PSN account, the NA DLC will not work on an EU account (for example).  I would presume that this will be the same case for other regions as well.  The DLCs seem to be sold as a one-time/single-use micro-transaction that is exclusive only to the account that originally purchased them.  They function more like a loot-box than an extra Level as part of a DLC.


I just wasted PSN credits for this cheap ass game.  Ended up getting all trophies without any DLC, we do not really need to purchase anything.  The FREE game is enough as the puzzles are really not that hard or difficult.


Here is what was wasted for nothing: (context)


Cuties Hacked Premium Edition ($2.99 $1.49)

Had to purchase this because the FREE version did not have the 'all photos bundle' when I tried to purchase it on the US PSN website (through the PC) and not via console.  It was on sale anyway so I just went for it.  Please beware that this has the EU trophy list despite being sold as the NA version.


CUTIES HACKED - Premium Edition - All Cuties Pack (Add-On) ($4.99 $3.49)

Also got this during a sale.  The reason why I had to purchase the Premium base game because of this DLC which was not getting recognised on the FREE version.  It is only compatible with the Premium version.


✔️The only good thing about this particular DLC is that it can be shared with other accounts on the same console.


The bad thing is despite it being sold as having 'all photos' it only unlocks 3 extra Cuties - Aiko, Dakota and Megan.  The others will still be locked - Kitty, Monique, Cypher, Joy, Cassy, Tiffany and ShingCeo_69.  I just checked the proper EU version and this bundle unlocks all the 10 extra Cuties.


CUTIES HACKED - ShingCEO_69 Photo Pack (add-On) ($0.99)

I just needed an extra photo to make collecting the stars a lot more quicker.  Only needed 5 to avoid doing the time trials.  The FREE two photos are enough to give us the 18-star collectible trophy but like what others have said, purchasing extra photos will make the game a lot easier. 


As it turns out this add-on cannot be shared with other accounts (on the same console) even if the feeder alt-account is set as Primary.  The base game can be shared but the DLCs  cannot.  The PSN store even lists two different add-ons of the same item, which I would assume the others being the EU version - one listed as UP2538-PPSA18505 and the other one as UP2538-PPSA08037.  It is hard to tell which one is actually the NA or the EU add-on.


Cuties Hacked - Amber the Cheerleader Dynamic Theme + 3 Cuties Bundle. ($2.99 $1.49)

Was desperate to get that extra photo so I got this instead since it unlocks 3 extra photos (Aiko, Dakota, Megan).  Big mistake as this add-on cannot also be shared with other accounts just like the one above.  Good thing I got this on sale, but it was still wasteful especially when I later found out that this too is for the EU version.


So in total I had wasted $7.46... It is not a lot but I could have used it to get other US exclusive indies such as Leaving LyndowChambara or CAT Interstellar instead.



So to fellow stackers in here who are from Europe, Asia, South America or the Middle East - just get the FREE CUTIES HACKED: Oh no someone stole my photos! edition.  The only ones lucky here would be US-based stackers.  They need not use any GBP credits to get the EU version.  Even better when they can get it for $0.02 as mentioned by theGoon44 in another thread.



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Yeah most likely. SomeQuest also messed up in other European storefronts as well. Got to experience this first hand when purchasing this game on the US PSN store.  It is just so confusing with many of the same items listed twice, sometimes thrice.  This was also mentioned HERE.

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I think that was the Cheerleader Dynamic Theme + 3 Cuties.  Yeah if you have PS Plus you get it for only $0.02.  This was my PSN 'feeder' account for stacks so no PS Plus for me.  I would also have to leave payment information before I get a PS Plus Subscription, something that would be difficult to provide since I am UK based.


To think I even paid $1.49 more for the same mistake makes me feel like an absolute idiot! LOL



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On 1/18/2024 at 1:14 AM, omglollipop said:

Damn I think I paid 2 cents.

I paid 9 cents for the Premium pack, which I didn't even use really.

That's for the EU version, now I'm getting the NA stack. The game is free in both storefronts anyway. 

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