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Flagged glitch?

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Games platinumed under 25 minutes are automaticaly flagged, there are some exceptions where it's to possible to ear the plat in less than 25 mins (sound shapes, etc) since this is a new game, I do believe it's a glitch, perhaps it's one of those games that can be completed under 25 mins (without cheating of course)

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I've opened the options menu.

I've opened the display settings.

I've opened the game settings.

I've opened the configuration of buttons.

I've visited all of the manual.

I've opened the online rankings.

I've reseted the game.

I've posted to the online ranking score.

I've updated the high score.

(translated trophy list)

yeah, aabs animals tier.

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It's a super easy game. Seriously, even the high score trophy can be attained by completing the first level which takes about 60 seconds.Is there anyway I can get this unflagged? The other two games in the series are super fast as well, so buyer beware maybe? :(

(fixed spelling mistake)

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I've fired off an email to [email protected] with my details and explanation of the situation.
The other two games released so far in this series can be completed fairly quickly as well, so if anyone is thinking about picking them up I'd suggest you wait first or let the game idle for a bit. 
Thanks for your help guys, I hope Sly can get this fixed.


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If you get the final trophy first which is the only trophy that requires you to play the game then the others are just a matter of opening the option menus.

It is the same trophy set for all three games and all three games could be 100% in under a mintue if you do the above method as the timer only starts once you get the first trophy

I am also flagged

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