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Favourite Press Conference E3 2014?


E3 Press Conferences 2014  

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  1. 1. Favourite Press Conferences from E3 2014?

    • EA
    • Ubisoft
    • Microsoft
    • Sony
    • Nintendo

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After another set of incredible press conferences from E3 this year, the internet immediately starts asking "who won E3?" Well, I think this is a sill way of looking at it. In my opinion the only ones who should 'win' at E3 are the gamers - and I believe that we definitely did that this year!


Despite this, I know everyone still has their favourite conference each year, based on game announcements, trailers for games they're hyped for, or just a type of game they're looking out for.


For me, my favourite was the Sony conference (some incredible reveals and gameplay trailers), and my 'order' is as follows:

  1. Sony (despite a long show and a lot of stats, particularly loved Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, the FC4 demo, MGSV trailer, and the Batman demo :D)
  2. Ubisoft (I've always loved the structure and fun of Ubisoft games, Far Cry reveal was exciting, Rainbow 6 looked incredible and The Division continues to impress)
  3. Microsoft (TOMB RAIDER looked awesome, and Sunset Overdrive looked like a whole lot of fun, I'll probably get the Halo MC Edition at some point too...)
  4. Nintendo (some exciting reveals but I don't have a Wii U - and have no plans to get one soon - so not as exciting for me. The new Zelda looks fantastic though)
  5. EA (too many sports games and too much filler for my liking... I'm hyped for the next Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge game, but was hoping for more in the way of trailers or demos... oh well, I suppose I'll have to make do with the 100000 other games I've got in the mean time :P)

Here are some links to a summary of each press conference in cased you missed something (in chronological order):

What about you? Which was your favourite press conference and why? Keen to hear everyone's thoughts!


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While sony very much dissapointed me (I mean UC4 and mgs V TPP were the only things I really liked and they were bound to happen anyway so...)

Ubisoft & nintendo really surprised me.

Ubisoft: I just have to get the Division ! And Valiant hearts looks very interesting 2 (given that I live exactly where WWI happened 100 years ago adds up to that)

Nintendo: Splatoon just looks so much fun, The new Zelda and Hyrule warriors look amazing and obviously the Hoenn reboots of Pokémon !

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Nintendo = best, Great games, what the fans demanded. Xenoblade was jaw dropping. Kinda made me wanna buy a Wii U someday and i haven't owned a nintendo console since the original DS.

EA = worst, behind the scenes? lmao... give me a teaser, trailer not freaking concept art... I want something i can HYPE over. Wich makes me excited to see actual gameplay later on... now i got a kinda sour taste in my mouth.


Personal highlight of e3: Mortal Kombat X! 

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LBP 3 was the conference winner for me... No seriously. Didn't expect it AT ALL! Plus, it comes out this year. How'd they hide that from us, idk.


Yeah it looks awesome! That little sock puppet was so cute... It was pretty funny how the people playing it weren't that great at the game though haha

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My favorite conference was Sony's, they had the games I'm most interested in playing by far and that is what E3 is all about, right? I was actually pretty disappointed with Nintendo's announcements, the only games I'm looking forward to on the Wii U are Yoshi's Woolly World and possibly the new Zelda (the artstyle in both games looks awesome) but I really couldn't care less about anything else they showed. Same with Microsoft, really. I'm looking forward to the Master Chief Collection (even though I disliked 2 and 3) but not really much else. 


Personally I thought this was a pretty damn good E3 all around though. Microsoft definitely improved from last year and showed nothing but games and I have a couple games to look forward to playing on my Wii U after I get bored of Mario Kart 8. 




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