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Hello everyone! My name is Javi, I'm from Spain and I'm 21 years old. My parents gave me the first PlayStation when I was like 4 years old, though my first console was SEGA's Megadrive that my sisters had since I was born. PlayStation has always been my favorite gaming platform, I grew up with it and I'm a total and absolute fanboy of it, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I even want to get a tattoo of it's logo someday. :) I also enjoy the Nintendo consoles. I own almost every PS system except for PS4, which I hope I can buy soon! My favorite genres are usually Survival Horror, Point and Click adventures, and story-driven videogames. I enjoy a game with a good story, probably the story is what I like best in a game besides it's soundtrack. I usually like to play alone, and I love single-player games. I usually dislike online-focused games or multiplayers, though I can play those, too. Since I own my PS3 (around July 2010) I've become a trophy addict, to the point that lots of times I've played games for their trophies. I think trophies are one of the best things they could've made. I've spent lots of money in getting games that if there weren't trophies to show that I played those specific games, I wouldn't have bought them, but also thanks to that I've discovered some awesome games that I wouldn't have known or played if it wasn't for trophies. I see it as some kind of gamer curriculum, to show how much a person can grow as a gamer and it's experience, like each game contains a little bit of our story, love, dedication and experiences. One of the things I'd totally love to happen is PS1 and PS2 games getting trophies. That would be heavenly. :D There's a detail that has me a bit preoccupied, though. When I made my account, I was 16, so my account is a Sub-account, and I'm kind of worried of it, because they're kind of limited. I hope sub-account users can upgrade to master accounts someday, because I wouldn't like to lose all my trophies, all the stuff I bought, and of course, all the money I've put into it. I hope Sony fixes this soon. :) Some other details of me: I'm a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead in all it's variants. That universe is my life (Comics, TV show, game and novels). I like football/soccer and I support FC Barcelona. I once tried to make LPs but my computer is too slow and takes too much time to get it done so I've put those projects aside until I can get a better computer. Hope I can make good friends and have fun with everyone here. Alright, I think I didn't miss anything to say, sorry for this speech. xD Happy hunt, trophy hunters! :)

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