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Gaming justice - Action speaks louder than words.

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I decided to create this thread because of something that happened today in a game of TLOU factions I participated in.

just to be clear I am not the best at this game by any imagination, but this was a really bad game for me, you know the sort, nothing goes right... and I finished bottom of my teams score and rightly so.

But then for one of the other players to then single me out and start cussing me over his mic in the lobby was out of order...

It is what happened next that was my idea for this thread...

Basically in the next game I was drawn on opposite sides to the guy who was cussing me... and I wasn't going to do any talking, oh no... let the executions begin.

(I uploaded this video of the next game played)

For those not wanting to watch the video, I downed this guy 3 times and executed him 3 times, I also finished top of the leader board and opened the safe box on my own too...

I didn't hear another word after that.

Do you have any stories of people mouthing off? how did you deal with them? maybe you have a video too?

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I loved the last of us multiplayer, i platted it twice, but it was full of people like this. Never noticed it as bad with any other game. It's a game at the end of the day but these people didn't half complain like their lives depended on it. 9/10 times i found they were the shite ones tbh. Good job on the strong follow up. Enjoy the game, the multiplayer even with the d*@kheads was the best I'd played in a long time.

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Well, with respect you didn't hear what he was calling me, so I am not sure how you can say that?

I didn't want to repeat it here, so I just said he was dissing me.

Not sure why I bother...


I'm just messing with you. :P


EDIT: you should have seen what I originally intended to write. :P

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It's not quite the same thing, but playing against high ranked players in the NHL games is a pain.  Because they're high ranked, they know all the little exploits and unrealistically high percentage places to score and insist on doing trying them ALL GAME LONG... and always pick the team with the highest ratings to do it.  Talk about doing everything you can to take skill right out of the equation.


I guess I don't have anything specific in regards to revenge for it.  I'll just say that nothing makes me happier then to go up 5-0 on these guys, as they search desperately for a free goal courtesy of EA, and just dance around them because they never bothered to learn about to actually play.

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