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Are the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift & MotorStorm: Apocalypse avatars still available?


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Aye, they are still there, i was browsing the avatars and i came across them. Check the web store, that's how i came across them.

Under what names?

if i remember these ones are preloaded on the ps3, should b under acc management.

I know which ones you're talking about. They're not the same.

huh tbh I don't know, did you try Motorstorm RC avatars? I know I bought some of those...

Not as good.

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I dunno i wasn't specifically looking for them. I'll check for you now though.


Jay go to the web store and type in motorstorm RC complete edition (PS3) and then you can see the avatars. They aren't what you requested but that's as close as your gonna get in terms of MS avatars.

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The Apocalypse avatars are still there, can you not see them? Go to the webstore and type in motorstorm apocalypse, click on the game and scroll down, you can't miss em.



Found them. Thank you fellas! I thought Sony had removed the from the store.

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