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Anyone else playing?


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Hello all,

I played before looking at the trophy list on this and understanding the RNG behind the game. While the game seems possible to beat, the "100%" trophy seems to be based on random layout luck.

Anyone playing this whom have been successful rescuing everything in all levels?

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Finally finished with this fucking platinum, my palms were so sweaty at the end.


Got Fireproof with only the Large Water Container and Heartbeat Sensor for help. I would argue that the Heartbeat Sensor is the most useful tool as you can see exactly where everyone is, and can plan your route around the levels accordingly.


Don't be scared to use water bombs, keep protecting everyone with water. If you are lucky enough to get Speed Boots and the Super Hose then time will be probably become one less thing to worry about.


Also be sure to rotate your camera before each room to see if you can spot where people are stood, look closely for cats because they can be hidden by the flames.


Fires can start randomly from ventilation on the Lab and Factory levels, so I would advise rescuing people as soon as you find them to ensure their safety (rather than gathering them all in one room/corridor). You lose a little time with this strategy but it's worth it and you should be comfortable by that stage.


Good luck if you're attempting this, the most frustrating trophy I've ever attempted.

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On 3/28/2016 at 8:46 PM, LetsTurnJu-On said:

I've platted the game, while sure there are RNG elements. It still requires more skill than luck most of the time.


Sorry, but no way. This game is 90% luck, then if you're lucky skill will of course help. But there's a staggering difference in difficulty on the same level each time you play. The completely stupid and crappy RNG levels can make a mess of most runs.  Some will have Miss Ion and her objective on the opposite sides of the map, sometimes they're next to each other. Sometimes you have 5 people to rescue spread on the same huge room all on fire (good luck saving all) next play they're all sitting peacefully in a corridor without any flames. I've had extremely hard levels in the first ones, and easy as pie ones much later. Problem you just need one lousy level to destroy your run, and there's 16 chances at getting one. Nice way to ruin a game, make it unplayable.

Above all this is just tiring and stupid. If you have no patience and luck avoid this game.

I really wanted to like this game but it's almost impossible. It's like russian roulette.


Let me add a few things. It's countless the number of times you'll get whole levels with just 1 or 2 miserable water supply spots (the slow as snail ones). So you have to return to the beginning, and time will end shortly. Time will pass from one level to the next, so if you end one with 1 minute left that's what you have to do the next one. Unless you're lucky enough to get all people to rescue at the beginning of the next one in viable spots you're dead. But it's not unusual to get a huge room all in flames with 4 people to rescue spread through it, which even with all upgrades will be hard to have them all. Or that as you're just trying to get the people to rescue out of the room, a fireball comes and kills one (or all) of the people you're dragging. Sometimes the levels are huge with large rooms all on fire, sometimes there's just one a few with small ones. And not unusual for a room to be badly generated and there's spots very difficult to walk by, and it's easy to get stuck, losing more precious time. You should search everywhere for the hidden objects since you need the tokens and the clocks to get some more time, but there's no time for that either.


Just imagine what would be if the story mode of Dead Nation was always different with random levels in layouts and groups of enemies. And with limited ammo and with a timer. You have Flame Over. Neon Chrome has random levels, and yes some are stupid, but the majority, if not all, are solvable.


What I can't understand is what fuckingly stupid as shit moron developer makes a game so stupidly unplayable that the vast majority who will try it will simply quit. It's obvious this only was played by so many gamers because it was a PS Plus game.


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I just wanted to point out, for anyone attempting this beast, that there is a trick that lets you have any or all of the upgrades you want directly at the start. 


If you've noticed when you die, your money and upgrades you've acquired up to that point will be dropped for you to pick up on your next run. What I did was just play through the first 3 levels, picking up all upgrades I could. Then obviously you need to die. Do the same thing on the next run, picking up any upgrades you want. When you get back to the level you died on, you can pick up all the gear you grabbed on your previous run. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need to, until you have everything you need! I then uploaded my save file to the cloud, so I could retry as many times as needed with all the good stuff. 


That's right, there is both luck and RNG involved. A few things that were a must IMO were the upgraded hose and extinguisher, as well as the heartbeat sensor to see where everyone was at. I'd always make shutting off electricity a priority. You can open a door to get a peek in the next room, but until you cross the door's threshold, the people or animals inside won't start to take damage. Try to clear as much fire as you can from the doorway before stepping into the room. I'd also make it a point to spray my hose directly at the people/animals, just in case that super-annoying wall of fire decided to bust through the room. I'd make them a priority and take them at least 2 rooms away before clearing the fire out, making sure to turn around and spray at them while leading them to safety.


Good luck to anyone trying for this one, and I hope this helps! 

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Holy water is another good power up to get, especially paired with super hose.

I don’t see anyone or the guide mentioning it but holy water will actually heal workers/miss ion/cats. Very helpful when charging a fire filled room with workers. 


I know this post is old but thought it’d be used for anyone else playing in the future. 

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