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call of duty modern warfare 2 for ps4?

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It was the last CoD that I enjoyed and spent any significant time with beyond the campaign. I think I managed to 100% GS it on 360. 


Would I want to play it again though...


Not really at this stage. I've moved on. Military shooters don't really do it for me anymore.


Sorry Activision. I'm sure you'll cope somehow. 

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well there was an online petition in the past for a remastered triology of the COD´s Modern Warfare in which i also signed. they achived their goal but infinity ward didn´t bothered to it.

i Dont belive they will ever do a Cod remaster ( Except Cod Classics), they rather make new shitty COD´s because they will always sell, specially with their number 1º buyers (kids).

They could and should  go back to the classic non exo-jumping, Wall running, laser guns COD, despite future theme Cods being still recent im already bored of it.

Also the online gameplay has change, S&D is not the Same on Advanced Warfare, 6 Rounds? and now its Fast Paced? fells like playing team deathmatch with bomb planting.

In a matter of fact im boring of major FPS´s right now, COD´s aren´t  what they are and Battlefield is not being much impressing...

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Dont see how they would move forward by releasing a remaster. MW2 was really nothing too special compared to recent CoDs, sure its story takes a few cool plot twists (this was before the writers had a fetish of making America the victim in every scenario), but I genuinely believe its popularity compared to the following games is nothing more than releasing at the right time. By releasing a remaster of MW2, I feel like Activision undo everything they have built upon across the last 7 years. Maybe a multi-collection could work, bundling all PS3 era CoDs together.

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