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Trophy Analysis for Modern Warfare 2

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14,331 usernames containing platinums in Modern Warfare 2 (Leaderboard users roughly in the range of 1-5794 and 50000-58537)


Modern Warfare 2


Reason for Selection:

Requires nothing special to use game save. The "gateway" drug to worse things.


Specialist Earn 30 stars in Special Ops
Star 69 Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.


Date difference in timestamps cannot be less than 15 minutes to be legitimate.


1069 users caught with impossible times with most ranging from 4-7 seconds.

% Cheaters (Full dataset) = 7.46% 

% Cheaters (subset 50000-58537) = 11.3%

Lack of cheaters in November (release month) matches the fact the hacked save was released in Dec, 2009.


Month of when cheaters pulled stunt for dataset 50000-58537


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I can see that. I just felt that the data could've used some context or a conclusion.


If I make a suggestion to automate this check and remove these people without data, the thread would be closed and marked as "not another one of these again sigh"


There be a problem, someone should fix it.  <3


This is sort of the head of the problem. If a person succeeds here, they move onto the "harder methods". Kill the head here and they won't move on. It becomes harder to detect the other methods.

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I have missing timestamps on this game, and If that were to lead me to being reported, I'd be upset.


Don't worry. Missing timestamps are in no way your fault/a bad thing. It just happens when you first play a game on PS3/Vita before connecting to PSN.  :)

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