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what the hell happened?

Infected Elite

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did anyone test this before they released it? i had basically everything 100% in each level UP to mission 12. i chose to restart MISSION 12 in order to pick up a collectable i missed, and it said do you wish to restart the mission. i selected yes.

NOW my runes went from 12 down to 7, i havent touched half the stones or collected half the elite guards. Glitch or not, this is fucking stupid.

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meh, only took 2 hours to regain what was lost, but yeah i know Bethesda is a shitshow bug infestation. yet they make some damn good games at the same time. If only theyd take an extra 2-3 months to fine tune everything. 


Would anyone care if Fallout 4 released in January? probably not. Xmas money sales.

any delay is fine if its just a few months to fix the game or polish it. Though i guess thats what patches basically do now. oh well. i solved the problem.

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LOL, all that hate for Bethesda... Seriously, never had any issues with Bethesda games. And in fact it's id Software who needs to check up on such issues imo.

everyone has different experiences, but from my experience i never played any bethesda games that didn't had any technical issues.


i played a cthulhu game made by them on pc years ago and it run like crap, i played the fallout games on ps3 and all of them run like crap, i played the evil within on ps4 and it also run like crap on many parts, with popping and framedrops, even if bethesda only published it.


so yeah personally i had a horrible experience with all bethesda-related stuff.

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