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I screwed myself out of getting 100 percent for now?

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To my fury my speed run trophy attempt with donut drake skin might have been ruined because of a game breaking bug that was originally in UC3 ps3.


Basically in the dock section you climb on the side of a rusty ship right before shooting at guys above you. 


The glitch was preventing drake from jumping to the next hand hold of the ship. So I had to exit out of the game and get back in.


When I got back in I was no longer drake and in my haste I moved him around a bit on accident before changing him back to donut.


I restarted the checkpoint and then immediately changed him back to donut this time but is it too late?


Am I now disqualified from the trophy unless I do it again from scratch?

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might be sold out of luck.... if possible try to make a cloud save.

though i see without pause so that probably wont work.


last option is to try again till you get it which is not something you want to hear :(.

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Another trick is make a new save at the start of each chapter. That way you'll technically have 2 save files at the start of the chapter and can just jump to the other one if something glitches, just make sure to immediately make another save file if you load the backup and enable donut drake.

You also can't enable donut drake in the middle of a chapter, even if you had him enabled to that point but quit out, because it will disqualify your attempt with donut. It has to be at the start of the chapter you're in.

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I had a similar problem in Uncharted Drakes Fortune remaster. The game crashed and I reloaded it back up after getting a close application error code. Unfortunately I realized 30 minutes or so later hang on I'm not Donut Drake. I did manage to get lucky with the speed run my time was 2 hours 41 minutes and the trophy was to do it in 2 hours 30.

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As of April 2022, this glitch is still happening! I had a PS4 crash climbing up the wall with cover, reloaded my game, got to the radio room, and realized I was no longer in Donut Drake mode. 2:10 hours into the speedrun, I have to either finish and do an entire second playthrough, or start again.


I'd strongly recommend creating a backup save or cloud save before starting chapter 12, so you don't have to do it all from scratch.

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