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Ranking the 5 Worlds

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I was wondering, now that this has been out for a while and people have probably had a chance to play quite a bit, which world people liked playing the best. Personally, I would order them like this:


1. Danger Ball - Possibly the simplest game, but it really lends itself to being controlled with head movements. 

2. Luge - Again simple, but surprisingly tough. I could just lean back and really immerse myself.

3. London Heist - This is most like what an actual game would be like. Loved how you could interact with everything in the van. 

4. Ocean Descent - Pity this was just an experience and had no gameplay mechanics, because the underwater world was beautiful.

5. Scavenger's Odyssey - Wanted to like this, but the jump-to-move mechanic was just sickening.


So, that's what I think, let me know what you think!


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Well I personally really quite enjoyed all 5 worlds, I'm surprised that some seem to get very mixed reviews. But for me, I would have to say:

1. The London Heist - The way you can interact with so many things is so much fun and I really enjoyed the shooting, even in the shooting range.
2. Danger Ball - So much fun for such a simple concept, the control that you have is definitely what makes it so good.
3. VR Luge - The feeling of rushing downhill at high speeds and dodging traffic is intense stuff and I really enjoyed improving bit by bit.
4. Scavenger's Odyssey - I also experienced some sickness a couple of times while playing this but I still enjoyed the shooting and jumping when things went well.
5. Ocean Descent - The one gripe that I have with this is that I think it should have only been 1 level (the shark one) as the other ones just seem somewhat dull afterwards, but still a great experience the first time around.



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