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Don't wanna get too burned out playing Horizon so I'm thinking..


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I've been playing and enjoying Horizon quite a bit. Absolutely love the game. I should share my photo's I've taken in photo mode actually to here but that's not the case. Since I don't want to get burned out on Horizon and well the only other game I play is BF1 on the xbox one. I won't lie it's hard trying to think of what I should play from my downloads list. 42%% of the 172 games I have haven't been touched yet. I grab them from the store cause theyre either cheap and wanted to get around to them but never did or they're Plus free so I just add them to my DL list. There's a few that I have played but haven't finished them and don't know if I want to finish them or not. I'm just gunna leave a list of the games I haven't touched yet and want suggestions on which one I should start.


Airmech Arena

Atom Universe

Azkend 2

Big city stories

Blacklight Retribution 

Broken Ages

Color Guardian 

Day of the Tentacle

Game of thrones

Guacamelee Super turbo



Hyper Void

Indivisible Prototype

Invisible Inc 

Kill Strain

Let it die

Letter quest

Littlebigplanet 3

Lords of the fallen

Monopoly deal

Ninja Senki

Nom Nom Galaxy

Not a hero

Pumped bmx

Qurare Magc Library

Rebel Galaxy

Road not taken

Spelunker World

The book of unwritten tales 2

The deadly tower of Monsters

The Swindles

The Tomorrow children

Titan souls



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If you want some easy platinums or 100%s and make sure you have an enjoyable experience at the same time, you should play:

- Color Guardians

- Day of the Tentacle

- Home

- Monopoly Deal


Also easy, but not that enjoyable (in my opinion):

-The Deadly Tower of Monsters


Not easy to 100%, but really enjoyable:

- Blacklight Retribution

- LittleBigPlanet 3

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2 hours ago, SIMPLY_CODY said:

Broken Ages

Color Guardian 

Day of the Tentacle

Game of thrones

Guacamelee SUper turbo

Nom Nom Galaxy

The deadly tower of Monsters


I've quoted the one's I'd recommend.


Broken Age - quite funny and a throwback to the old days of adventure games. Gets weaker in the second half though. An easy-ish plat, but a guide is recommended to avoid having to make repeated playthroughs.


Colour Guardians - a twitchy-ish level-based runner. A few frustrating trophies, but not too bad a platinum. Don't play it on Vita. Good fun, I enjoyed the moderate challenge. 


Day of the Tentacle - a remastered classic. Really funny, and plat-able in one playthrough. Highly recommended if you like adventure games. 


Game of Thrones - Not TellTale's best, but still good. You won't need to even think about trophies to get this plat, just make it to the end. If you're a fan of the books, note that this one follows the TV series. 


Guacamelee: STCE - An excellent metroidvania game, and an easier platinum - the hardest part will be some extreme platforming challenges. Of the games I've chosen, this is my highest recommendation. 


Nom Nom Galaxy - If you find sim type games, I'm thinking Theme Hospital and Tropico 5, and take a strange delight in designing a system which can then be left to run autonomously, then you might want to give this a go. The novel premise  - you are in interplanetary soup manufacturer - and quirky art style set this one apart, though it is let down by controls that feel a bit clunky and wooden.


The Deadly Tower of Monsters - an easy platinum and a very funny game. The premise smashes the fourth wall and the narrators are hilarious. A bit clunky to play and not the prettiest game. Come for the lols and stay for the easy trophies. 

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Color Guardians pops out on your list for me. It's a fairly easy platinum [though the final boss and trophies related to it are a bit annoying, but pausing during the battle helps - none of the cheats worked, but that tip helped]. You don't even have to 100% the game. It's also a fun game, in short bursts. So is a nice palate cleanser.

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Thanks everyone. I've been enjoying Color Guardians, Titan Soul, and The Deadly Tower of Monsters so far. I've started those three cause I like at least having 2 or 3 to occupy myself with that way I don't get too burned out on one game if that makes sense. I will admit I don't trophy hunt as much as I used to though I won't mind going for a 100% or a Plat as long as I really enjoy the game enough to aim for one or the other. 

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