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Rime Guide !


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I don't understand this, I searched playstaiontrophies.com before I create this topic and didn't find any . what did I do wrong !!!!!!!!

6 hours ago, Kyl542 said:
5 hours ago, LordNEET said:

Google search "Rime Trophy Guide" like Kyl linked the .org one. From now on use google, wouldve saved a topic here.

and if there were a lot of topics what the problem !!!

there isn't any rule in which say that I should create a topic only for hight necessity  

3 hours ago, starcrunch061 said:


I know, right? So much traffic on the Rime forum already!


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6 hours ago, MomeAlsadi said:

I cant find any trophy guide anywhere, can anyone suggest if there are any missable trophies! before I start playing it next week because as everyone knows its a ps plus free game now 




This is a specific plat in 1 playthrough guide :) Enjoy! 


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