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Show Off Your Custom PS4 Wallpapers


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With the release of patch 5.50 Sony gave us the ability to add our own wallpapers as themes, so I thought it would be a cool idea for people to showcase their wallpapers.

Since I am sort of -- maybe in love with Nier Automata, I went with the musical concert key visual:



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6 minutes ago, Xel said:

True. But it's more accessible now that you can add wallpapers via USB.

Darn. Had me all excited that we could finally add wallpapers to existing themes with their icons and music, aside from just default (like with PS3).

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1 hour ago, nyonmyan said:

What a coincidence, I also had Nier wallpaper for quite some time now. Only with, eh, a different angle.





What an "interesting" angle. For the Glory of Mankind! :eyebrow:


Here's my current PS4 background:




Original Image: https://imgur.com/NBEkNi1


Here are some other ones that I like:






Original Image: https://imgur.com/bGX98lO






Original Image: https://imgur.com/jquM2LS

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