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Okay so right now the game is digitally loaded onto my ps4. I bought the PS4 Pro that comes with a hard copy of the game that I am able to go and pick up today at 9PM. 

My question is, can I pop the disc into my PS4 that has the game already downloaded digitally and just start playing at 9, or will it have to do a completely new download for the disc version?

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1 minute ago, SeniorRicketts said:

install it now from the disc and you can start it immideatly after installation 

about 1hr 20 min

I dont believe I follow what you are saying. I can go pick the game up at nine, and the digital copy is already pre loaded. Im asking, can I pop the disc in and play right away since its already "downloaded" or will I have to redownload the 90ish gigs again to access the FULL game

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1 hour ago, MissDreamer said:

I'm pretty sure you have to delete the digital version of your game and do a fresh install of the disc version so not to confuse the system. You can only have one version at a time, I believe, unless someone else can clarify.


49 minutes ago, charlijaen said:

The console forces you to delete the digital version before it lets you install the disc.

this. Delete the digital and install the disc and you can play right away.

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Hahaha who would even purchase a digital AND a physical format of the same game? ? 


I’m sorry but you make it all complicated. Isn’t it excessive of buying the digital format, THEN getting a PS4 Pro with a physical copy of the same game? Unless you plan to play two players in the same house when Red Dead Online goes live? ?

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I believe you will need to download the disc install seperately/again in order to play from the disc


I had a UK digital copy of South Park and the stick of truth (came with the preorder of the fractured but whole) on my PS4 but bought the US disc release (as I wanted a physical copy and it is uncensored)


I had to install the disc version seperately in full, the PS4 would not run the disc through the already downloaded digital copy (I never expected it to) my PS4 did not make me delete the digital file despite the fact the games share the same name/trophy data/install data so I still have both installs on my PS4 simultaneously at present


Disc loaded installs have the small CD icon in the lower side of the game application on the PS4 dashboard so I believe the disc will not read from the digital copy as that is not a disc related/compatible installation of the game

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I remember back when I had the digital version of Elder Scrolls Online, then I bought the Sumerset collector’s edition. When I put the disc in the console asked me if I wanted to use the disc instead. I didn’t have to reinstall, just had to download the patch and I was good to go.


I’m not sure if that’s the case for all games, but you could try to put in the disc and play, unless you’ve already deleted the digital version.

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