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Patch 1.15 Breaks The Game - DO NOT UPDATE


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This developer really is inept as hell. I can't remember ever having a worse experience in terms of bugs and problems, even Gothic 3 back in the day was having less issues at release. Now, a year after this disaster of a release, they re-break what little of the game they fixed during the last year while trying to rip people off with very low value dlc. I am already getting pissed off by the thought of having to replay the game later this year to get the hard earned 100% back after the final dlc is out. Definitely dodging any future release of Warhorse.

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4 hours ago, ManifestDestinee said:

Can anyone confirm the recent patch still negatively affects the game, vis-a-vis what's written above? It's been a week since the comments in this thread and I'm thinking of going back to the game (on PS4 Pro) and don't want to mess up my save files.


There's still no fix, 1.15 totally unplayable on a PS4 Pro, and it's been confirmed to be a multi-platform issue, people on XBox and PC with precisely the same problem. Some people think it's related to the save size, others to some timer, fact is, if you update it's extremely likely sooner or later your game will be broken. 

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7 minutes ago, sephiroth4424 said:

The Royal Edition is on sales atm. Can anyone confirm that every trophy is achievable under the latest patch?

I can't speak for the Band of Bastards DLC since i don't know a whole lot about it but all the other trophies are 100% obtainable, though the King Charming trophy can be a little glitchy :).

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