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This is not an easy game to finish.


I'm on the sixth level of the Pro challenges, I've done everything else before them and progress is going fairly slow. There are a LOT of challenges and they really start to get difficult in the Pro and Legend categories.


I estimate this will take 8 - 20 hours for most people to 100 percent.

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Can someone help me a bit by telling me in which level I can do "The Dan Lacey" trophy ? And which is the Neon Bike and on which level we can try the "Aaron Ross Challenge" please ?

Thanks a lot !



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10 hours ago, russelguppy said:

Using a PSN time tracker app I can tell you this game took me just over 27 hours to complete. 


Holy damn that's long... ? And probably the reason why the online time-estimates range from 10 to 40 hours.


Personally, it took me close to 7 hours to 100% this one. 

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Send a friend request to



EDIT: They are up to ps-timetracker5 now, see website link below


Your profile must be set to open and it basically reads reads off your PSN profile how long you are in the game. 


You get a daily PSN message something like this:-

Hi russelguppy, here are your stats from the past about 20 hours. You have played:

 * 32 minutes of Pumped BMX + on PS4 (Total: 25:29 hours)


It will only start tracking from when you are friends (obviously) but it is pretty cool. And obviously this is your total time logged into game so if you pause it and go to the loo or answer the door that will still count so it is not just active play time. 


More details here:- www.ps-timetracker.com



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On 24.8.2020 at 4:58 AM, shathe_nele_m_la said:

i crap out (slow or crash) a lot on the wooden loops (not before or after, but ON. my guy just kinda stops or slows) and i'm not sure what is going wrong. the tutorial for this game is basically useless... : ( any advice?


Are you holding the X-buttom? Momentum is everything in this game. Also try to master the left-stick kick-off technique, the extra speed or hight can be crucial for your momentum. 

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Everything but the challenge trophy is a joke difficulty wise. 

It took me around 8 - 12+ hours to get all trophies. The Catfish Challenge has some rather annoying challenges for some levels. Completely doable, and the trophy rarity doesn’t speak at all for how difficult this game is. 

The reason people have such fast completion times is because they did the Catfish Challenge first, which can take several hours. The other 15 trophies can all be easily done in 15 - 30 minutes.

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