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Looks like a Remaster is coming

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I know their were some differences between the various versions of the original Ghostbusters Video Game on PS3, PS3, 360, pc and Wii. Hopefully the Remaster doesn't just re-release the original game in HD. I would be fine with that, but I would like maybe a little more content. Maybe they could port over that Black Slime Tyrannosaurus Rex from the stylised version of the game? Or maybe include a few more collectables or Easter eggs? Or if they bring back Multiplayer, they should make sure it's easier to go for the trophies. I lost count of the number of times, someone got disconnected during a game, preventing me from earning specific trophies. (Again, maybe ditch the MP altogether, and do what the Nathan Drake collection did? Adding in new challenging trophy challenges)

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I get a early copy of the game and already have the platinum. All trophies are the same as the ps4 version except it does not have multiplayer. Some trophies are now silver like beat the game with less than 100000 dollar damage, all fountain etc. It's an easy 10 hour platinum.

It does not have any new content. It is just a remastered but a good one. 


For a fast way to achieve the platinum: play the game on professional difficulty, deal more than 3 million dollar damage and collect all collectibles. Second playtrough you can Speedrun the game with less than 100000 dollar damage. 

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