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Idea: "Dead game fourms"

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Are you suggesting that instead of posting a question in relation to a little played game into its own section - where it would be easily found if someone else was also interested in that game - that any question in relation to any unplayed game should be posted into a collective dumping ground for dead games were no-one will ever be able to find the question you asked?

If that is what you are suggesting it doesn't make much sense...

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I think what is being said is should we have a generic forum where we post questions about games rather than in the specific forum for that game.

Especially for older games that people don't look at the trophy list for anymore so don't see the forum threads unless they happen to come to the website when the thread is still showing on the homepage.


I can see the benefit of it BUT what constitutes whether a game is "dead" and the forums etc are unlikely to be visited?

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I don't really see how this would benefit anyone.  Whenever I pick up or get interested in an older game, I want to find details about it all in one place as I currently do.  I don't want to be searching through a sub-forum of what people consider to be dead games to find that one game I'm interested in.


Secondly, the forum would be abused, and filled with COD fans posting about every COD game with no differentiation between the titles.


Finally, my definition of a dead game is probably far different from yours, the guy after you and the guy before me. We would constantly have to police the thread, and if it means more work for me, I'm really not into it. ;)

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if it means more work for me, I'm really not into it. ;)


AF working at a carnival :D




To the OP-I understand what you are saying but it would be really hard to find info on a game and as AF said it would be hard to determine what a dead game is. Let's say a game like Bioshock Infinite comes out, all of a sudden the forums for Bioshock 1 and 2 become more active because people are playing the old games. Do those games come out of the "dead forum" and then reenter once Infinite stops being popular?


Also Sony adds games into PSN+ all the time so once that happens those games become popular again (and the same problem happens)


Finally I am at a garage sale and see a cheap older game, now I have to search through dozens of pages to see if anyone made a post about it?


So as you can see there are a lot of reasons to not do a dumping thread.

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